About TheFinanceNerds.com

Thefinancenerds.com provides a simple to understand, no BS and practical source for information and inspiration on personal finance. The content covers specifically everything that I have personally had experience with. It’s not just concepts read from a book or copied from other sites.

The key is practicality.

Life doesn’t stop, so the services and posts on this site are about managing work, life, dreams all at the same time as improving on your debts, budgeting, credit history, investing and money hacks in bite sized chunks.

The Finance Nerds can specifically help you simplify:

1. Debt reduction
2. How and where to get started to invest
3. How to budget and break the pay cheque cycle

And help with,

1. Providing simple tools to help you manage your finances
2. Providing online, chat and email coaching sessions

As nerdy financial coaches, we can work with you to help you with the basics of money management and stay on track with healthy money habits. The end result? Wealth Creation.

We are not financial advisors. While advisors are often paid to manage investments, financial coaches help by changing your mindset to help you own your own financial decisions.

About Ryan

I am a finance nerd. It’s that simple.

While you enjoy Netflix, or make dinner, I’m likely managing my own finances, reading a book on a related topic or trying out a new service and weighing up pros and cons.

I grew up in a poor family by western standards. My parents didn’t have jobs and we survived on welfare payments and debt. Seeing my mother cry over debt collectors calling the house and my dad stress about what the family would eat tonight was a normal part of growing up for me. Life seemed unfair, unjust and all my friends who had so much more just seemed lucky.

I took this mentality into my adulthood. Although I had a decent job for my age, by the time I was 23 I was financially ruined. I was literally paying off things which totalled more than my actual income. For a while, I survived on a friends mattress in their bedroom and this is where things turned around.

Money does not equal life, but having money certainly helps buy you the freedom to live it as you please. Money management is as much a psychological challenge as it is a challenge to earn lot of money.

This is where I found living your life actually helps you manage your money. You just have to be realistic, strategic and keep it proportionate to your income. Your relationship and mindset is the first step.

By 25, I clear my debts and afforded an overseas holiday for 4 weeks. By 27 I bought an investment property, and by 32 I had started building a home, travelled to 5 overseas countries and spent more than a month road-tripping.

Today, I have new challenges of work, family, and a desire to help others fast track their learning so they don’t have to wait so many years like I did. Today, I want to share my knowledge and experiences and services to help you enjoy life more and stress about money less.

I want to give you the basic understanding of what works, what’s hard, easy, dangerous, legal, available and upcoming and I will only do so if I personally have experience in the area. I want to help you change your relationship with money.

I personally look forward to discussing all sorts of topics with you.

Hope to meet you soon!

Ryan (A Finance Nerd)