Investing for Beginners – Using Spaceship Mobile App

Have you been thinking about how to start investing in the stocks around the world and have no idea where to start? Or you have done some research but don’t have the time it takes to analyse stocks stocks in great detail? Then maybe the Spaceship Mobile app will be of interest!

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m passionate about all things personal finance. This channel is to share my knowledge and experiences over many years to hopefully help people find opportunities for investing, budgeting, or dig their way out of debt and should not be taken as financial advice.

For transparency sake, I am personally using Spaceship as a long term investment for my daughter as she grows up to help her get own home.

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T&Cs apply. Spaceship Voyager issued by Spaceship Capital Ltd AFSL 501605. General advice only. Consider the PDS on our website before making a decision to invest with Spaceship Voyager.

General Information

Spaceship is an Australian investing app which you can find on Appstore and Google Play Store. The app offers you portfolios instead of individual stocks that you can invest in which are called Origin, Earth and Universe.

Each portfolio share has a cost and you buy fractional shares to the equivalent value of your investment. For example, if a single share of the portfolio is $1.50 each, and you invest $100, you will own 66.667 shares worth $100.

Portfolio Options

Each portfolio exists to invest in a particular purpose however there are some crossovers where a company fits multiple portfolios.

Origin Portfolio

With the Origin Portfolio, the companies here target some of the largest companies in the world. Some of these include Apple, Google and Berkshire Hathaway. Much if this portfolio are staples of the stock market. They are big, and somewhat stable in comparison to other portfolios. This is the original gangster of the Spaceship portfolio offering.

Earth Portfolio

Earth is the newest portfolio focussing on companies around the work which are having the biggest impacts on people and the planet. It’s not really an exclusive green portfolio as the name might suggest but it’s definitely a greener and more ethical range of companies. Companies you can find in here are Nvidia, Shopify, First solar and more.

Universe Portfolio

This portfolio is speculated to have companies which will do really well and have high demand in the future, not necessarily right now. In the past, some of these businesses were including the rise of Tesla, Amazon, Afterpay, Kogan. Many of these individual stocks have exploded in the last few years and have lead to significant returns in more than 1 Spaceship portfolio.

As at the time of this writing, almost any ethical and future growth focussed stocks have been hit badly due to inflation fears discounting the future value and incomes of these companies. Additionally the fears of the Ukraine war are also crushing the markets down.

Portfolios invested in growth like the Universe portfolio will give you significant returns when the world is going really well, but exacerbate losses when there’s inflation and world uncertainty like right now.


Here are the respective returns on each portfolio as published by the Spaceship teams in November 2021.

Universe portfolio has returned an annualised performance of 26.84% over the last 3 years at the time of this video. Earth is too new so far to show a return and Origin also showing a decent and steady return of 11.24%. It’s worth nothing though that these portfolios are all consider aggressive portfolios. They do not have a mix of cash or bonds where the returns are more safe and steady. However this is also why historical performance has been so good.

Spaceship regularly send updates to let people know that they have sold underperforming stocks that the portfolio is invested In and when they’ve purchased new stocks. A great thing about them is that they also explain why they did, so you can understand and always decide if you want to stay invested or not.

As mentioned above though, as at time of this writing (February 2022) a lot has happened and we’ve seen a sharp decline in performance due to the inflation and war fears.

Since May 2018 we’ve had great overall returns but the latest issues in the last couple months has hurt but this is not specific to Spaceship. This is likely 99% of everyone in the market


So should you use Spaceship as a beginning investor? Well, again this is not financial advice but it is an aggressive portfolio and with the aggressive portfolio comes high risk and generally larger fluctuations in value throughout the period. If you can’t handle the idea of your account surging and dropping significantly over time as you invest, perhaps this isn’t for you. It may also not be a great idea to get involved in an elevated risk portfolio if you are nearing retirement or needing the money sometime soon.

Personally I am using it as a very long term investment for my daughter instead of putting it in the bank. The portfolio I am using the the universe portfolio as she will grow up with the companies that this portfolio predicts will be big players in the future. This works well for this scenario as the cash is not something I will use in the short term and so the fluctuations in the value over the coming years isn’t a worry. There is time to ride the waves up and down.

Get Started

That’s all for this short introduction for beginners. If you would like to know more you can visit the Spaceship Website at or leave a question below in the comments. Please remember to like and subscribe if you would like to stay involved in future videos and found this somewhat helpful.

Don’t forget you can also get your $10 sign up bonus with the link below and or use my referral code S8VBGYAUTD

Thanks for reading. Love to know your thoughts on spaceship or if you have something else you would like to know.


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